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    Help with Distinct Count in Query and date grouping

    Good afternoon

    I am seeking assistance with a query that uses "distinct count" to count individual sales orders numbers per day. I have a query set with 3 columns - Load date _ Order No _ Site No. This query runs on a "Between [start date] and [end date] range in the load date column and pulls in all the sales order numbers, many of which are duplicated.
    I then have a second query which counts the distinct sales order numbers in the first query for a single day, all it displays is the number of distinct order numbers, I know nothing about SQL but I managed to copy some bits off of forums to get this to run, it is set as below
    SELECT Count(*) AS Expr1
    FROM (SELECT DISTINCT T1.[Order No] FROM [Daily Order Count] AS T1) AS T1

    I would like the query to show the distinct count of sales order numbers and also display the dates in a range so I could view a weeks at a time by and also display the sites ,however as this is well out of my knowledge range I would not know where to start so I am hoping somebody can assist.

    Many thanks in advance

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    make Q1 to do the distinct results,
    then make Q2 using Q1 to count

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    If I understand correctly, you have orders (I assume acregates or so) and for each order there can be many loads or delivery orders, in my example I assume they are stated in table Deliveries.
    If you want to count the orders for which there load orders between date1 and date 2, you can write a groups query on orders. Something like (substitute my fieldnames by the fieldnames U use)

    select orderID, year(DeliveryDate) as YearDelivery, datepart("ww",DeliveryDate) as WeekDelivery
    from Deliveries
    where DeliveryDate between #Date1# and #Date2#
    group by orderID, year(DeliveryDate), datepart("ww", DeliveryDate)

    save this query, for example with the name qtotOrdersPerWeek

    Based on this query you can than create a second groupsquery to count the orders/week:

    select count(OrderID) as CountOrders, YearDelivery, WeekDelivery
    from qtotOrdersPerWeek
    group by OrderID

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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