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    String to Copy a Field of Data to Another Table

    Happy Friday,

    I'd like some help in identifying the proper string of vba code to copy a field of data from one table to another. Ideally I'd like the data to populare in the first field and the existing data be moved over to the right one field.

    What function or string of functions would best execute this?

    Is this feasibly or would it be better to just populate the new data to the right? It will be ordered by time so I imagine as long as it is in order either way should be okay. Thanks again to all that have helped me thus far, I'd be stuck in a rut if it wasn't for y'alls kind assistance.


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    Either option you choose is going to require using recordsets. You can use the UPDATE query I suppose, but if you're going to have to store data in a variable in order to move it after an initial copy is done in an overwriting effort, using the query won't work, especially if you're executing it in code.

    Try opening the recordset and writing the values in.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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