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    Database design

    I am an Access newbie. I need to create a database for a bunch of cases that have payments on different days and they have the same case id.

    Can i have this in an access database? For example:

    Case Name Invoice Date Amount Case id
    Stramer v Caldwell 356112 12/11/2019 700 199221
    Stramer v Caldwell 356112 12/12/2019 110 199221
    Stramer v Caldwell 356112 08/01/2020 250 199221
    Stramer v Caldwell 356112 04/02/2020 25 199221
    Stramer v Caldwell 356112 07/03/2020 130 199221

    When I make the Case ID or the Case name a primary key Access won't allow me.
    What would be the solution to such a database? Thank you.

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    I suggest that you read a little on database design.

    From what you've told us, I think you would need at least two tables with a one to many relationship.
    First would store details of cases (CaseIDpk and Case Names). This would be the "one" part.
    Second would store details of Payments (PaymentDate, CaseIDfk, AmountPaid)
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    Thank you Bob, much appreciated. Do you know any good posts or tutorials on database design?

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    See the Database Planning and Design link in my signature for articles/tutorials/videos.
    I recommend the tutorials from RogersAccessLibrary mentioned in the link. Work through 1 or 2 tutorials and you will learn a process that can be used with any data base.
    Good luck.

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    You might work through the tutorials at
    Also see Access Basics By Crystal
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