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    wherecondion max characters

    I have a docmd.openreport with a wherecondition that is throwing a size error. The wherecondion according to Len() is about 5k characters, and the max according to ms docs is 32,768 characters, so wondering if that changed in office 2019 (I'm using 2016) or if my DB is in an old format or something like that.

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    what kind of where are you trying to make? example?

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    It's something like this but has more "ComputerNames" in the IN() Statment. Basically it generates stickers for computers.

    [Machine Name] IN (ComputerName1','ComputerName2') AND [Out Of Service] = False AND [Disposed]=False

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    Why don't you add all possible computer names to a static table that also has a IsSelected Yes/No field that you reset prior to running the report so you could use that in the report's recordsource?

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