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    screen jumps to top of form when typing in text box

    I have a database with a form for data entry. I found that when a user enters a lot of text in one of the text boxes the screen will jump to the top of the form but the cursor is still in the proper spot. So they are able to continue to type their comment but they are not actually able to see what they are typing as they need to scroll back down to see it. I hope that makes sense....

    Is there a setting or something that I can change to make it so this doesn't happen?

    Thank you for any advice you can give me!

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    Can you post a copy of the db
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    Bob Fitzpatrick

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    your form is probably taller than your screen and the control you are entering detail towards the bottom of the form.

    If this is the case, redesign your form so it fits on one screen - might mean using tabs/a smaller control height/reduce vertical spacing of controls/make more use of the horizontal space

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