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    Sorry, the established law of physics says W=I*E. So if you say that power = W * I * E, the power is squared.
    The first formula is strictly for DC circuits. For AC, a Power Factor can come into account to increase the power consumed somewhat, but certainly not to square it.
    Perhaps the UF and DF are factors to adjust for the bloat.

    In any case, the DB in post#26 eliminates the multiplications by zero problem.
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    I would suggest you pause and get your table designs fixed. (as mike60smart said in Post #20)
    To me, it looks like the table "Client" could be split into at least 3 tables:
    1) Client info,
    2) Survey info and
    3) Study info
    but I am not totally sure I know what "Client" data is.

    Also, I would suggest removing ALL spaces in the object names and the punctuation/special characters in names.

    Who or what is a Client?
    How are Utility Companies involved?
    How is a Salesman involved?

    It was a fun puzzle to try and split the client table, but since I don't know your business, I gave up - too many questions.

    My 2 cents........
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