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    Importing DateTimes from XML

    I'm trying to import data from .XML with an element that looks like : <dateSeen>02/11/1997 15:57:27</dateSeen> into a corresponding Access table field (appending to existing table) but I just get 00:00:00 in my table. Access table field is formatted General Date. If I open the .XML in notepad and copy and paste the datetime that's fine. Is there any date format I can use that works?

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    that is the correct date/time format. It imports just fine from xl files. (but i havnt tried xml)

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    See in the Similar Threads below - Importing XML. Often easier to work with text and parse the text for the data you're interested in.
    It is always helpful if you post samples from your real data and any code you are using/developing.

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    Seems only the ISO standard YYYY-MM-DD works from XML - no idea why that should be : as I said I could copy and paste just about any sensible format just fine. I'm OK now I know though.

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