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    Can i lock our records in ms access database

    Dear All,

    I want to lock our few records in a table so that no one can accidentally edit the record.

    is there any way to do this ?

    Thanks ..


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    You should not allow users to edit data in the tables.

    You should allow the user to View the records in a Form.

    In the Form you can set the Control Properties to Enabled = No & Locked = Yes

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    Or you can simply set the form recordsource type to snapshot if you want to lock the whole form, rather than locking each and every control.
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    As both previous responders have stated, users should never work with tables but only interact with data via forms.
    But in direct answer to your question, tables cannot be locked other than when opening a database read only.
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    agree with previous comments - keep users away from tables, only use forms/reports. Another option might be if the users can edit only some records and do not need to see the records in a form is to exclude them in the form recordsource (record might have a field called say 'editable').

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