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    Open a report using a WHERE clause as criteria from a form


    I have a form which has a button which opens an additional report using a text box on the form as criteria. This works fine when the form is opened by itself but when I open from within a navigation form it doesn't work.

    I could change the WHERE clause to lookup through the navigation form but I want the WHERE clause to work when the form is opened by itself or from within a navigation form.

    I have 3 forms as follows
    frmProduct - Standalone form or as a sub form to the navigation forms.

    I've used the macro builder on the button to open the report and have used the WHERE clause...
    I want create the WHERE clause in a way that allows the report to open correctly whichever form is opened up. How do I code this?


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    OpenMyRpt "rMyRpt", "[prodCode]='" & me.txtProdCode & "'"

    sub OpenMyRpt(byval pvRpt , byval psWhere as string )
     docmd.openReport pvRpt  ,acViewPreview, ,psWhere
    end sub

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    Ranman provides VBA code. I agree, use VBA instead of macro.

    Could use the generic sub he suggested or just in button click event:

    DoCmd.OpenReport "reportname", acViewPreview, , "[product]=" & Me![product]

    Assumes [product] is a number type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by June7 View Post
    Assumes [product] is a number type.
    The product is actually a string.

    I managed to get it working using a variable in already existing code called productCode
    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptProductOrdersEnquiry", acViewReport, , "[Product]='" & productCode & "'"

    Thanks guys

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