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    Sorting by Month value, not month alphabetically.

    The short version is I am trying to get a report (based on a qry) to show data, totals by month. sorted by the month value, Jan, Feb Mar, etc

    and everything I do the report wants to generate and sort the months alphabetically. April, Dec, Feb, etc

    The long version is ...

    I have tbl_transactions that has all kinds of data, including who paid rent, how much they paid and what day they paid. (rents paid weekly so I'm working towards summing it up by month

    Then I have qry_RentPaid, It only shows the relevant data, Month, Payee, SumofRentPaid.

    Now I got to grouping by month by using the expression builder

    TransMonth: MonthName(Month([TransDate]))

    Which returns the month Name, but this is treated as a text value?? which sorts alphabetically, not as date value sort old to new.

    Now I can go the extra step and add the Month num to the qry to sort by month order, and hide the column

    But when I generate a report from the qry it goes back to sorting the months alphabetically ie. April, December, February etc.

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    Perhaps you need to set the reports Grouping and Ordering. Google "access report sorting and grouping"
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    I would add a column to the query ("qry_RentPaid") to get the month number:

    TransMthNum: Month([TransDate])

    Sorting in the query does nothing (for a report).
    As Bob said, use the report sorting and grouping option.
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    Maybe you already tried ssanfu's suggestion because you wrote "and hide the column".
    If that means you unchecked it, then all you're really doing is setting that field as a criteria, in which case it doesn't become part of the report recordsource, which means you can't sort on it.
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