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    Smile database design for purchase order details by a customer



    iam new to database designs i have a task to maintain details of the "customer purchase order details "

    in this
    one customer will give order with order number, product variety, category of the product, quantity(no's) of the product in that category, finally total no.of items(quantity(no's) of the products of all category) of the product in that purchase order.

    for example
    customer : james
    puchase order number is 123456
    product varieties are : 1.veg 2. Non-veg
    product categories are :1. fruits 2. vegetables 3. meat and so on
    Quantity ordered : In variety 1. veg, in category- fruits, apples - 30 packs, mangoes - 20 packs
    In variety 2. Non-veg, in category- meat, pork - 30 packs, Beacon - 10 packs
    total purchase order quantity : apples - 30 packs + mangoes - 20 packs + pork - 30 packs + Beacon - 10 packs = 90 packs

    like this i need to record data for a customer and his all purchase orders

    kindly help me how to design this

    it will be very helpful for me if any one can sort the issue

    thanks in advance


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    Is this a business requirement or a homework assignment
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    Bob Fitzpatrick

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    Hi Green

    Can you upload a zipped of copy of your current attempt at the database?

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