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    Coding for users with different screen sizes

    This question relates to an Excel VBA project but is general enough hopefully to apply to Access as well. I need to make the project available to different users who have different computer screen sizes : everything from a tablet to a full size laptop. The project has several forms. I will probably make the project available through One Drive or perhaps DropBox. How can I assure that the forms will adjust to the various screen sizes much like what seems to automatically happen with web pages displayed on different screens? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    If isladogs sees this, he will likely point you to his resizing utility. I looked but could not find it. You could try his contact form there too.
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    Here's the link @Micron mentioned:

    Linq ;0)>
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    I've just seen this thread. Many thanks to @Micron and @missinglinq for alerting me.
    Rather than use the AWF link, I suggest you go directly to my three part website article on Automatic Form Resizing (AFR):
    The article includes a demo app and all code required to use AFR
    Although the code involved is fairly complex, as a developer you just need to import a module modResizeForm and add one line of code ResizeForm Me to the Form_Load event of each form you want to be resized. You can use it without understanding it fully. For the end user, all resize/reposition changes occur automatically.

    The only other real issue to consider is that the 'base resolution' used for form design should be no higher than the lowest resolution of your end users.
    That is because the code works very well when 'scaling up' but less well if you try to 'scale down'

    1. As a side note, when you referred to making the project available via OneDrive/Dropbox, I hope you were just talking about distribution methods.
    Whilst that is a perfectly good approach for distribution, neither of those are suitable for users to run Access databases from.
    Trying to do so risks database corruption whenever there is a network interruption ...which WILL happen.

    2. Re-reading your post. you started by mentioning Excel before moving on to Access.
    My code is for Access. Whilst it will probably work in Excel, I've never tried it,
    In any case, Excel has a built-in zoom capability which makes AFR fairly superfluous I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Missinglinq View Post
    Here's the link @Micron mentioned:

    Linq ;0)>

    Thank you. Will check it out.

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