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    Append query with multivalue (attachment) field

    I'm trying to create an append query for table A to table B, but of course it's not so easy with multivalue fields.

    I'll use an example here where I have two identical tables, table A and B. The only field in each table is a multivalue (attachment) field. Btw, I know seasoned programmers prefer to avoid multivalue fields, but this is what I'm working with.

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    How would one accomplish this? From what I'm reading I think it takes two queries with an inner/outer join, but I don't know how to do that.


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    i think a single append will do this.
    you only need 2 queries just to EXTRACT whats in the attch fld.

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    Btw, I know seasoned programmers prefer to avoid multivalue fields, but this is what I'm working with.
    Not only do we avoid using multivalue fields, we especially avoid using attachments fields.

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    Hope you understand that a multi-value or attachment field involves a hidden table where the data/objects are actually stored.

    An attachment field does allow multiple elements and is therefore a type of multi-value field but it is different because it is saving objects, not just alpha-numeric data.

    Attachment field has properties: FileData, FileName, FileType
    Regular multi-value field has property: Value

    I tried various SQL structures for each type of field in attempt to create new records in table B. Nothing works.
    It would be easier to just copy the table.

    Maybe your example is too simplified. Why would you want identical tables?
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