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    'On Open' Property

    I have posted the same question on the general, but I think this board would be more appropriate. I currently have many sub forms inside a form. All the tables linked to the form has A primary key. I would like upon opening of the subforms, the selected record in a combo box in a previous form be fired off. I have a global variable saved from the combo box. How can I have the sub forms open with that global variable. Do I do this in the On open prop. And if so, How can i get that particular record to populate. Thanks guys


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    A is the global varilabe
    and I have the following in whatever even i wish. In my big form, the subforms are just tabs. The users can just click through the forms. This does pull up the correct record, but of course it opens the form instead of just remaing in its tabbing state. Is there a way to keep it in the origingal form instead of opening it in a new form? Thanks so much

    S = "[ID]=" & A
    MsgBox ("test2") & S
    DoCmd.OpenForm "Pricing subform", , , S

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