I am a sharepoint neophyte and I'm looking to solve a specific problem. If someone has an alternate solution I am all ears... eyes....

I have created a database that resides on a sharepoint site.
The database itself has a login function, however, the users are external users (outside the organization).
What I've told the organization is that every intended user must have a microsoft account such that when people leave/enter their volunteer status the organization has control over whether they can actually log in by turning on/off their permission at the sharepoint site level.

This database, I think, will be distributed mostly to people who *do not* have a microsoft access installed on their computers, which means I will also need to distribute runtime components/solutions to the problem below.

Currently, when I distribute the database to my test people I can have them click the 'FILE' menu option then 'ACCOUNT' and have them click the SIGN IN button to reconnect their microsoft account. Users *can't* log into the database unless they are attached to a microsoft account that also has permission to see the sharepoint lists.

What I think I need to do is add a form before the login screen and on that form have something running in the ON OPEN event to detect whether or not the database is currently connected to a microsoft account. If it is NOT, the form would stay open and prompt the user for their microsoft account, then attempt to connect to the microsoft account using whatever credentials they supply. In essence I need to replace the menu options (FILE>ACCOUNT>SIGN IN).

I have thus far been unable to find code that'd attempt to log into a microsoft account from an MS access database.
Has anyone tried to do this or have some code that would work *both* users with a full version of MS access *and* users with the runtime components installed?

I want to give this organization a database they do not have to customize for each user before they send it out.

if anyone has alternate solutions, again I'm open to them but remember my knowledge of sharepoint is minimal, I've just figured out how to add microsoft accounts to the security groups I want them in.

The users themselves will not be accessing the sharepoint site directly nor will they know it exists.