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    Angry Changing font size in message boxes

    I know how to set font sizes for form objects in Access. But it seems that Microsoft
    engineeers left message boxes out of the picture. Browsing the web I found a few
    suggested vba solutions, but they seem quite intimidating to a novice like myself.
    If extremely long and complex vba code is required I'll just forget the idea and stick
    with the default 9 pt. until Microsoft condescends to redesign Access to
    accommodate message boxes fonts.

    But just in case somebody has thought of a reasonably simple way to bring up the
    size to, say, 12 pt, I thought I'd check in with the experts. I've already learned
    so much from you!

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    message boxes are a MS creation - a windows system object, nothing to do with access or vba. It may be complex vba can change the attributes (I'm not aware of anything) or it might be somewhere in windows settings - but if it is you would need to change it for each machine.

    Usual recommendation is to 'roll your own' - create a form to display the message.

    Alternatively, users can change their windows scaling - click on the windows icon in the task bar and type 'windows scaling'. But you might then need to adjust your application to suit.

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    What an intriguing idea! Just create a small Access form which could come and go. I'll try it out, but if it's
    too much hassle I'll just stick with the small type. I don't have all that many message boxes, and the
    ones I have are usually quite short.

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    Maybe make it a function in a public module that opens your single purpose form that has several buttons on it, and show/hide the buttons as necessary - OK, Cancel, Yes, No.
    Pass the message string and values like True, False, False, False (for OK only) and show only 'True' buttons. That way, if it's a function you can also return the button click value to the calling code.
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    I have been using for years the attached custom "message box" form by Dimitri Furman, I updated the declarations a while ago to make it compatible with both 32 and 64 bit versions.

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