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    Can't figure out how to limit the Find Duplicates results

    Let me apologize up front for the vagueness of the title. I'm not sure how to word the question so it makes sense. I'm convinced this is something very simple and its driving me nuts that I can't figure it out.

    I have a table that is a master list of all the items need to establish a maintenance repair shop. The original data came from individual job sheets that explain the procedure and provide a list of all the items necessary to perform the task. Items are identified by part number and type (special tool, repair part, component etc.). Ideally, every part number would only have one type/fall into one category. There is however, variation in the list.

    There are more than 200 job sheets in the database all of which have multiple part numbers listed. There are numerous parts that appear on more than one job sheet. There are 7700+ lines in the data table. When I run a query for part number, with totals "Group By" in get 2751 records. That tells me I have 2,751 unique part numbers on my list. As I said, in theory there should be the same number of records when I add Type to the query. Adding Type "Group By" I get 2921. That tells me I have 170 "duplicates." I have part numbers listed more once with different types.

    There in lies my question. I can not figure out how to show a list of ONLY those part numbers that have more than one type. No matter what I try, I'm left with a list of 900+ part numbers and types and I have to visually search for repeats. I have tried the Find Duplicates query with no luck. I'm not sure that query is meant to answer my question.

    I'm trying to return a list of 170 or fewer records.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try to use Count>1 in your totals query (for the part type field).

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