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    Removing top 11 rows of data on import of Excel. Go easy (Only a basic understanding of Access :)

    Hi, I have 80+ Excel files which i need to import into Access. However, i need to remove the top 11 rows of data in each file and use the 12th row as the data headings. I am familiar with creating a few queries and macros, but i've never touched VBE. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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    Did you research TransferSpreadsheet function? You can specify a range if importing into Access, but not if exporting to a spreadsheet. Your issue might be that the ranges are too dynamic, but if they're all the same and it is a one time operation for 80 files, it could work.
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    If that doesn't work you can post a sample excel file and db and we can help with the code.

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    You can Import and export to Excel with VBA, you can do it from Access VBA and Excel VBA in both directions, you just have to have the references correct.
    You could use Excel VBA to remove the top 11 rows and then use transferspreadsheet

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