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    Relatively simple relationship question

    I need a table that contains multiple choices that I can modify when needed. This table will be the list of options for two other tables, but I do not know how to structure this properly. Im new to relationships and tables entirely, but what I want accomplished is in the picture below:
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    For each "choice 1,2,3, etc" there are multiple "stuffs" they could be. The "stuffs" are the things I will be changing when needed. I feel like Im missing something very basic here, but I cant quite seem to grasp it.
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    you do not need a relation for this. Its not a true relation.
    but you can use them as a lookup table for the user to pick items to fill in.

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    I think you are looking at the tables wrong.

    As you have drawn the tables, they are in DESIGN view. Each column is one RECORD. If you switched the center table to datasheet view, you would see 4 FIELDS of 1 record. "Stuff 1" is the FIELD NAME, not data. Not knowing anything else about the field,
    "Stuff 1" could contain "Chevy" or $4,000.00 or "1313 Mocking Bird Lane" or 15124581 or "Jane" or .....

    You COULD NOT link 3 FIELDS in one table to one field in a second table , NOR would you link 1 FIELD in one table/record to 3 FIELDs in one record in a second table.

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    Maybe adding better names for the fields will help.
    Here you can see a one-to-many relationship between the right hand table and the middle table. One name can have many addresses.

    Remember that Design View looks different than Datasheet View. Don't confuse Field Names with Data.

    Instead of something made up, do you have specific tables and field names that are causing confusion?
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