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    Chart - Change dates grouping from Month's to Weeks

    Hello everyone,

    I working some time with access but I am not very experience user. I create some form with 6 Charts . Data fro this charts is coming from query . When I was using MS Access Chart Wizzard I select grouped by months. I am wonder is it any way to change this to weeks dynamicly.

    Some combo box on the form with option to choose Weeks or Months ?

    I tried link Chart query (this one which is in chart option) with combo box as I am doing e.q in criteria but is not working

    Please give some help

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    Have to change chart RowSource SQL. Is chart on form or report? This will not be simple for report because this is a design edit. Use QueryDefs VBA to modify a query object that is used as RowSource. Then open report for viewing. Alternative is to build two charts and code behind report controls visibility.
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