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    Missing *.dll file between MSAccess2013(?) and 2016, on Win7 to Win10 machines

    Hi; you experts have always been helpful whenever I've asked questions in the past, (not often), and I see your skills each time I peruse this forum, (very often)! If this is not the correct sub-forum to ask this, please let me know.

    I'm responsible for maintaining data about test equipment usage, in an old MSAccessdB. This dB was written many yrs ago, and was upgraded to live in Access 2013 for the last 4 yrs. My employer has moved data into another OTS (off the shelf) product, but the history of transactions, (check-out and check-in activity of equipment, relevant to my need today, for the previous calibration cycle), resides in the old dB. The file came from Win7, MSAccess 2013 program, and was copied to Win10, MSAccess2016 machine. (WFH prohibits using the Access2013 pgm.) , until current social regulations are lifted).

    (after I copied the dB, and tried to use it, I got/get an error message: '...the project is missing or has a broken reference to the "MSADCF.DLL" file, ver 1.5' Acknowledging that error take me to the code VBA window; the next line to be processed is "Dim dbs as Database", in a subroutine that fills in a dashboard form sorts. The error message in that window is" Compile error; Can't find project or library". (before copying it, I opened it on the old machine and was able to review the data I need).

    This should be the last time I need to pull data from this dB file;
    My question is: how do I fix this so I can generate a filtered report from the table of historical transactions?

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    you can copy the missing DLLs from the other PC, or any pc, or the internet, and put it on the new PC.
    use RegSvr32.exe to register it.

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    It may be that the reference isn't required. Try unticking it on a copy of your database.
    Alternatively it may have been superseded by a newer reference such as the MS Remote Data Services 6.0 library (msadco.dll)
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