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    How to make a pivot table in Access?

    I have a table (sample):

    Event Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5
    EventA 20-01-03 20-01-09 20-01-17
    EventB 20-01-11
    EventC 20-01-02 20-01-15

    And want a list:
    Date Event
    20-01-02 EventC
    20-01-03 EventA
    20-01-09 EventA
    20-01-11 EventB
    20-01-15 EventC
    20-01-17 EventA

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    within access, since the first table is not normalised, you will need to us a union query, one for each day

    SELECT Day1 as eventdate, Event
    FROM myTable
    WHERE Day1 is not Null
    UNION SELECT Day2 as eventdate, Event
    FROM myTable
    WHERE Day2 is not Null

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    An alternative solution is to import your table into Power Query also know as Get and Transform in your version of Excel. Highlight the first column in the PQ editor and select Transform-->Unpivot other Columns. You now have your data in the form requested. Close and Load to an Excel Spreadsheet.

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    You are asking to UNpivot.
    normally you start with your 'want' example, then pivot to your 'have' example.
    To do what you want create an append query for each DAY. Append that 1 day to the target table,
    then run the next Day untill all days have benn appended.

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    Thanks toi all of you for help.

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