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    Help with making a calendar

    I have a database in access that I keep track of work orders for our company. I have been trying to figure out how I can display them in a calendar by due date and I can not figure it out. I do not know much about codes or scripts. I figured out how to bring them into my outlook calendar but they do not update. If anyone could help that would be great!!

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    I did some work for a gentleman once where he was using 31 textboxes on one form to make it look like a calendar. this was for one month only though.

    I gave some examples of actual calendars once here:

    If I remember right, the "large" example has code behind it that's very useful. The form is full of command buttons (I think) and the arrows move the calendar along by month. There are also dropdowns to pick certain years I believe. If you make a form that looks like that, the code I wrote behind that sample will be very useful to you.

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