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    automating exports and query changes

    I have a simple query to extract records for a specific date. And then I have to export the resulting table to .csv file.
    However I have to do this for over 450 days so 450+ times of changing the date in the query and then exporting the table.
    Is there a simple way to automate this process so my query will change the date and export automatically?
    Sorry I am a novice in access.


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    Simplest way might be to have it refer to a form textbox instead of having a hard coded date. You can then create a VBA process that loops your days, puts the date in the textbox and then outputs the query (OutputTo). If the days are in a table you'd loop that, or if it's 450 days starting on a certain date you could use a loop where you started with that date and incremented a date variable 450 times.
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    You have to do 450 exports in a single work session?

    One way is to have query object reference unbound textbox on form, like:

    SELECT * FROM table WHERE somefield = Forms!formname!controlname;

    Then looping code can incrementally set value in that textbox.

    Another is within loop to apply filter to a report, open report, export report, close report, repeat.
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