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    Importing File and Adding Column to Table

    Hi. I am new to access and trying to learn some good practices as far as importing data and updating it. I am importing a .mbd file with just a simple table using python and it's pypyodbc library. Once I have the file imported and open the file, I would want access to add a column to the table and populate the column based on some logic (ie: If today's date is x, then the records value is y. Or if a records value in one column is bigger than 20, then the new column's value is "Sometext").

    My first question: Is this common practice? To import a file and have access automatically process the imported information? Or is it more typical to have a user take the imported file and manually go in and fix it up to look how they want it. My goal is to automate most of the "busywork" that a user would need to do when they import data from python(or any other source), so they don't have to manually setup forms, reports, etc etc.

    Second: If this is common practice, what would be the ideal way to go about creating a column and processing records to update the new columns values? Make a macro? Use queries? If it is NOT common practice to import a file and process it, what would be the better way to go about this?

    Thank in advance for advice/tips!

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    I import to an intermediate table,tImport, then run queries to do the corrections.
    This table already has the extra columns. (no need to create them on the fly)
    When corrections are done, the data is exported to the final tables.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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