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    Question Adding tables to aleady-linked ODBC


    I have set up an ODBC to connect to PostgreSQL dB. That's all working as desired. However, the database now has a couple of new tables, and I can't work out how to add these without deleting and re-adding the connection. Refresh and Relink don't seem to do this,

    Any help most welcome,



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    this is exactly what Relink is for.

    if normal relink wont work, you my try the checkbox ALWAYS PROMT NEW LOCATION.
    then select the source again.
    this always works.

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    Thanks...where is that checkbox? I am looking at the linked table manager

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    The linked table manager is to refresh the links or change the location/source of the existing tables. To add new tables you need to click on the External Data, Import, ODBC and select your connection to the external db and in there select the new tables you want to add (don't forget to check the Save Password towards to end so you don't get prompted every time you open the front-end).

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