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    Help with High contrast theme and MS Edge update

    I am legally blind, own a Desktop PC and 27 monitor, using Microsoft Edge browser and high contrast theme, large white text on black background. Due to recent MS Edge update, display colors for some user name/password login text boxes are black text on black background. What settings need to be changed to display text box colors same as high contrast colors, white text on black background?

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    It looks like you have asked the same question of Microsoft and they are probably best placed to answer the question. It might be worth contacting the websites concerned to see if they can offer a solution.

    I did check out other browsers but they would appear to have the same options as Edge - however not able to check whether this applied to username/password logins. Chrome appears to have accessibility extensions - see this link where you can adjust settings by website so might be work investigating

    I presume you have Windows 10 and have used the 'ease of access' facility to choose themes there? It may be settings there impact how Edge displays.

    Sorry I can't be more help

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