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    I agree with Micron re they probably could supply a key if they wanted. I recall when we purchased a software product (back in the '80s) there was a contract that said the source code was held in escrow in some 3rd party organization. Even though we had the executable (and not the source code) the bottom line was -if the supplier failed for any reason, those who were in good standing with maintenance etc - had legal access to the source code.

    I would think that a key or access to some process could be made available for some modest fee. It seems the company wants to force existing/former clients to the new software and related fees.

    In your case, I don't know if it's possible, but am wondering, if you installed a separate copy of the software on a separate machine and used the same password/key, could you run that copy successfully for another 25 head? I think that would be similar in concept to the company unwillingness to provide some assistance to you. That is, you make use of what you have since the company has "dropped" you. Now, this wouldn't work if you have to be online and there is some check with a verification/authorization utility to ensure only "current license terms/users" were executing the software.

    Just some thoughts for consideration.

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    Thanks Orange!

    Also a good idea.
    The problem is that the data of the herd is quite connected.
    meaning - if I keep the Bulls in one file and the cows in another file(program) - I cant have all the history data.
    What I can try is to have the steers in the separate file
    Lets see what they reply.
    I will push for the fact that they are for sure supposed to have the sources and are most likely not willing to give me a new key. I will offer them a higher fee for that - if not I will stay with the 25 head option and make a copy to at least have the steers in there. Or the calfs in there (and keep the cows and bulls as reference - as this is not counted as active head that is used for the 25 head)

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    Quote Originally Posted by texaslonghorn View Post
    building this on my own for Access is not an option - I am not a programmer, I am only a user and I have to many projecs on your farm to concentrate on something like this.
    I understand and expected that. You might also entertain the idea of having someone build something that fits your needs. What with this COVID thing going on, there' probably a lot of talent here and elsewhere that might do it for a reasonable fee. Sure it would likely cost you more than $200 but consider the upside - you could own it, probably get it updated well into the future by the creator or anyone else whom you choose, and you could look at the amortized cost compared to a $200 annual license. In fact, if your agreement gives you sole rights, you could recoup some of your cost by selling copies of it.

    Then there was the poster at one of the above links who said they use spreadsheets. Maybe they'd share or sell you a copy.
    You may find another way (one comes to mind but I probably shouldn't mention it).

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