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    Have CNT query based on numeric values... try to accompllish CNT query based on text fields now


    I need some assistance with the development of a query. Attached is a database with a single table and one query. Allow me to provide some background first.

    Table "T103_N1S_Billets":
    - Includes a total of 1,648 records
    - Contains eight (8) numeric fields. Note: In my actual database, these are my **current** fields. Naturally, there are additional fields as well... these are not relevant for this question though.
    - Contains eight (8) text fields. Note: These are for testing purposes only at this time.

    Query "Q147_N1S_BilletsAuthorizedOnboard":
    - Query includes a total of 8 expresions (linked to the 8 numeric fields).
    - Also, it includes of 2 additional "Total" expressions summing up the first 4 "BA.." fields and then the next 4 "OB.." fields
    - This query works great! The output of the counted numeric values (where criteria = 1) PLUS the two totals (expressions) outputs the the correct count!

    ... so far so good!

    Additional information:
    - Per the attached table, I'm currently storing the fields as numeric values. However, I'm considering storing these binary values as "text" (i.e., "Yes", "No").
    - Thus, for testing purposes, I added 8 additional fields and marked them with a suffix of "_Text".
    - Then, I ran update queries where 1 equals "Yes" and 2 equals "No".

    What I Need Some Help With:

    - Ultimately, I want to output the same exact results of the existing query; however, I want these based on the "text" fields (vs. numeric fields).
    - Also, just like in this example, I'd like this to be accomplished in a single query (vs. having to use a "helper" query first).
    - Note: I my actual database, I need to add another table (as part of the query) IOT include one additional field criteria. I presume linking an additional table won't make a difference on the query.

    So, my question: Can the existing query be replicated using the text fields? If so, how?

    Thank you,
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    So for all of these fields they can only be yes or no? (0 or 1)

    Your current expressions are like
    BA_Off: Sum(IIf([Acct_BA_Off]=1,1,0))
    I'm not sure why the IIF statement is necesssary at all, just sum it up directly
    BA_Off: Sum([Acct_BA_Off])
    To answer your question directly to count the text fields you could simply do this
    BA_Off: Sum(IIf([Acct_BA_Off]="Yes",1,0))
    BUT I wouldn't do it this way. Storing these fields as text wastes space and is inefficient.

    I would use integer fields, and in microsoft access Yes = True = -1 (that's negative one), and No = False = 0. So create yes no type fields or integer fields and have a validation rule of "-1 Or 0"

    Your data entry forms can still utilize check boxes or combo boxes to display "yes" or "no".

    Why are you wanting to use only a single query and not utilize subqueries?

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    BA_Off: Sum(IIf([Acct_BA_Off]=1,1,0))
    And actually Microsoft Access / VBA store a Boolean True as -1 not 1...

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    VBA store a Boolean True as -1 not 1...
    Well, not quite. In vba, False is always zero. Any other number is True.
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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