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    Overlapping dates


    So currently im working in migrating data from two Regions (East, West) same data fields but the date ranges (Eff, Exp) either could overlap or not. Im trying to build a query to identify overlapping dates and insert them in order (Oldest to Newest date). Any help would be appreciated it.

    My current query.

    • [East].[Eff] >= [West].[Exp]
    • [East].[Exp] <= [West].[eff]
    • [East].[Affiliation_ID] = [West].[affiliation_ID]
    • [East].[ID] = [West].[ID]

    Id West.Eff West.Exp West.Code West.Affiliation_ID East.Eff East.Exp East.Code East.Affiliation_ID
    19267717 3/4/2020 1/1/2200 TMUTUAL 2971515 10/17/2019 3/3/2020 COMPLETE 2971515
    19267717 3/4/2020 1/1/2200 TMUTUAL 2971515 3/4/2020 1/1/2200 TMUTUAL 2971515
    19313290 12/6/2019 1/1/2200 COMPLETE 2971515 11/27/2019 1/12/2020 COMPLETE 2971515
    19313290 12/6/2019 1/1/2200 COMPLETE 2971515 1/13/2020 1/1/2200 TMUTUAL 2971515

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    Not sure what you're expecting, but this little graphic from P Baldy is often referenced.

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    I am assuming the Eff means effective date and is the starting date and that Exp means the expiration date and is the ending date.

    If so, it looks like you have the criteria already set up well like this:
    [East].[Eff] <= [West].[Exp]
            [East].[Exp] >= [West].[Eff]
        [East].[Affiliation_ID] = [West].[affiliation_ID]
        [East].[ID] = [West].[ID]
    But it looks like the data you show on the report has the first two columns switched in that the supposedly earlier [West].[Eff] data is being shown in the West.Exp column and the supposedly later [West].[Exp] data is being shown in the West.Eff column.

    And for sorting on the earliest start date of two overlapping date ranges perhaps you could create a field something like this to sort on:
    EarliestEffDate: IIf([East].[Eff]<=[West].[Eff],[East].[Eff],[West].[Eff])

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    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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