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    Expression on main form to return entry in a field on the subform.

    For a year we didn't do any further developing but our system has more than 1300 objects now. We have a few forms with sub forms and all of them work. Today I battle a bit with something that works many more places in our system. Am I missing something? There is a field on the sub form that we need to return the value in a field on the main form. On the sub form we opened Page header and Page footer, we placed a text field in the footer. On the main form we have a field where we put in an expression to return the entry in the field in the sub form(in the footer). It returns an error and I didn't find why yet. Please answer the following.
    1. Is there a difference in placing the field in Page footer against Form footer?
    2. If I open the form header and footer on the sub form, the fields display in Lay out view, if I place the field in page footer, it does not display when I click on lay out view. Does this choice influence the reason why the field on the main form errors? My other forms with the same situation work and they have the page footer opened.
    2, If you understand my question, help me please.

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    Ive never used a page footer ever. The form footer is just fine.

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