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    Is there a NOTE feature in Microsoft Access similar to that in Microsoft Excel

    Is there a NOTE feature in Microsoft Access similar to that available in Microsoft Excel. I would think if there was it would probably only be availabe in the Design View of the Report.

    I have attached a screen shot of the NOTE feature in Excel.

    Screen Shot of Microsoft Excel Note Feature-compressed.pdf

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    in the control properties, you will find controltip text under the 'other' tab. Note it will only work in Report view - not print preview. It also does not have the little triangle top right to indicate there is a note

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    I was able to fine the Controltip Text under the other tab. I put some text in there but it is not showing up in the Report view not sure what I am doing wrong!

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    I find Control Tip to be flaky. Maybe you're not staying over it long enough for it to generate.
    Maybe you could use a double click event to provide a message (note) or have a small note form as a modal popup.
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    As Micron said, the ControlTip property has its drawbacks.
    The tip text is small and easy to miss. There is a delay of at least a second before it appears. Also if you have a bidden control 'above', the control tip won't appear at all.

    As well as the option of a small popup form, other possible approaches include
    1. Using status bar text - appears instantly but again easy to miss
    2. Using a hidden textbox made visible using a mouse move event and automatically hidden afterwards
    I use this method a lot and it can be used for hints on multiple controls on the same form.
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