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    Query to combine two queries

    I feel like this is an easy one but I need some help. I have two queries, each with only two columns
    Query 1: Does a Sum for all the accounts at the airport for each month
    Date Water_Usage
    yyyy-mm 1,234

    Query 2:
    Date Airport_Pass_Volume
    yyyy-mm 1,234,567

    Both tables have the same date and I'm trying to get a new query that combines into three columns: the date, water usage, and passenger volume.

    I've tried dlookup or creating a relationship between the dates but what my new query spits out are rows for each account that is feeding into Query 1.

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    Tell us about your tables and fields. Some sample data would also be helpful.

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    No idea which table is the "account" table so this is just a guess: change your join to an outer join (all query1 date and query2 dates that match), have date and usage fields from query1 and volume from query2. Another possibility is that the dates don't actually match because you have time values in the date field(s) but have formatted them so that you can't see the time portion. If you think there are identical date values, you can create a test query where you equal join both fields and just return the dates. If no records, they are not the same dates regardless of how they look.
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    Do you have a field named "Date"?
    Be aware that "Date" is a reserved word in Access and shouldn't be used for object names.
    See Problem names and reserved words in Access
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