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    Warm & Fuzzy Confirmation about VBA Compiled Code in MS ACCESS 365 Pro

    Running 64bit Windows 7 & 10 OS, but 32bit OFFICE 365 Pro (which includes MS ACCESS) on both OS's (Win7 & Win10).

    We assumed that if you compiled MS ACCESS VBA code on a Windows 10 machine (saved as a .accde file), it would NOT run on a Windows 7 machine; that it would not be backward compatible and run on Windows 7. Having said that, the Windows 10 compiled VBA code in MS ACCESS works just fine on the Windows 7 machines.

    Is it the 32bit OFFICE controlling the VBA COMPILER that explains this? And it doesn't really matter about Windows 7 or 10 because they're both the 64bit OS?

    We're just hoping for a warm and fuzzy confirmation that it's more than dumb luck that the Windows 10 compiled MS ACCESS VBA code is running just fine on Windows 7.


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    you might want to update your details which say you are using 2003.

    broadly speaking the version of windows is irrelevant - what matters is the access version and the access/office bit version. So 64bit access will not run a (access) 32bit compiled .accde and 32bit access will not run 64 bit compiled .accde. Similarly office 2007 will not run later compiled versions of access (2010 and later) - it may run later .accdb's providing it does not use features not available in 2007.

    Both will run the same .accdb's but 64 bit needs some work if using API's (requires the ptrSafe keyword and conversion of some longs, primarily pointers, to longptr)

    Since you are using 32bit access - make sure for new installations your IT dept continues to use the 32bit version. The risk comes when some excel user requires 64bit excel which is the only app that benefits from 64bit - you can't mix office versions on the same machine.

    So - dumb luck!

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    Thank you! Perfect...

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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