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    Populate new Row in form, without adding record to table

    Hello all. Issue at hand is, Database is going to be used to order,track, and maintain inventory control. Sort of like Northwind. What I am looking for is a form that when I use cbo's to select the record from the table, that it isn't generating a record in that table. I need the customer to just select the record. Also I need the form to add a row on the record selection. I cannot seem to find a way to, without the form/cbo's being bound to the table. Any help would be appreciative.

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    you don't have to bind the form to the table but it works too.
    for unbound form , put value in the combo box, then run query that looks at it:
    docmd.openquery "qsMyData"

    select * from table where [city]=forms!fMyForm!comboBox

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    Now I can throw a kicker in there, since someone finally gave me a logical answer. The form will be a subform, shown only in datasheet view, and has 4 cbo’s that cascade, and last cbo populates information into 3 txt boxes. All in all, I was trying to set the form to just select the records from the table. I may need to just create a “junk” table to dump the records into as the are selected. That way my main tables aren’t being added to unwantedly.

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    So you want users to select values in the combo boxes and that will determine what records show on your form? Confusing when you say "Also I need the form to add a row on the record selection". What do you mean by that?

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    So Bulzie, yes I want the first boxes value to determine what value you can select in the next 3 combo boxes. The fourth cbo fills in the text boxes that make up the rest of the form. My issue is, without binding the form or boxes to a table, it only allows one record or "row" to be available. I need a new "row" to open when selection is made in a previous row.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihavenofreakingclue View Post

    ...without binding the form or boxes to a table, it only allows one be available... Unbound Form contains no Records...only unbound data that has been entered into Controls...and thus cannot have a second 'record!'

    Perhaps a clear explanation of why you need this second 'record' to show...and what you mean by Post#3 (probably me, but I can't make heads or tails out of your explanation there)...would help us help you.

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    I think you should try again to describe WHAT you are trying to do in simple plain English.
    From the responses it seems that readers do not understand the requirement. You are talking about forms bound/unbound, but these are solution type things related to HOW something could be done. There may be options for that, BUT first we have to understand that something.
    Good luck with your project.

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