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    Cotton Seed deliveries against Specific Contracts are entered in a Form. In the Main form, Contract data appears on selecting the Contract Number in a Combo Box.

    Deliveries are entered in the Subform. Deliveries are made against payment.

    What I want to know is that if the Delivery entry is mistakenly entered so that the total deliveries exceed the contracted quantity, a Message Box should appear & on clicking the button on the Message Box, the cursor should go to the last record of the Subform to make correction.


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    Deliveries are made against payment.
    Shouldn't Delivered quantities be compared with Contracted quantities? Perhaps that's what you are doing.
    If the Total delivered quantity exceeds the current total contracted quantity, then some anomaly exists.
    Here, the anomaly is recognized as "some accounting/typo/conflict exists".
    How do you determine what exactly is in error? Wrong account; mistyped value...?
    If you are convinced that you can identify the "anomaly", then, if you were using transaction logic, you could reject the transaction.

    You could have identified the "issue" in some control event logic -probably a before Update event - where you make the quantity comparison and reject the action (do not save the record).

    I would suggest reviewing your logic and see if validation/comparison of quantities in the before update event would/could accomplish what you are asking.

    Good luck.

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    One other thing about the logical flow (when the rest is sorted out) - why the last record? What if the 3rd record is where the incorrect entry is? Maybe there's a typo there and the number isn't exceeded until 4 records later. Is there truly a point in setting the focus to the last record? I assume this is not a 1 record entry at a time thing, otherwise there would be no "last" record, there would be only 1 record.
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