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    Beginner with Big Project

    Hi. I am an average Access user, but a beginner at building databases. I need help with, what I think is a big project. Currently, all of my tracking and reporting is done in Excel (using at least 8 different files). I would like to consolidate this in Access, keep and import data to multiple tables, generate reports, and build forms to enter my data.

    For example:
    Spreadsheet 1 = Table 1: Active part numbers - to generate reports
    Spreadsheet 2 = Table 2: New part numbers - I want to be able to feed this information into Table 1 as I update
    Spreadsheet 3 = Table 3: Customer request for information on part numbers - I want this to feed into Table 2 then I can generate a response with specific information in a report
    Spreadsheet 4 = Table 4: List of Suppliers - I want this to link to Tables 1 and 2 and export

    Spreadsheet 5 = Table 5: Overseas supplier Request for Quote - I want to pull from Table 2 to generate report to send to suppliers for quotes then upload back into Table 2 for updates
    Spreadsheet 6 = Table 6: Local suppliers (4 - their form is different than overseas) Request for Quote - I want to pull from Table 2 to generate report to send to suppliers for quotes then upload back into Table 2 for updates
    Spreadsheet 7 = Table 7: Comparison sheet - once I receive quotes back and they upload to Table 2, I need to look in Table 1 for certain criteria (+ or - 3% variance of same kind of part) and pull existing (Active) part numbers prices to compare

    Is this even possible? I can picture what I want, but I don't know how to create it.

    I would be so grateful for any help someone can give me.


    My version is MS Office Professional Plus 2019

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    What you've written is subject to interpretation for sure, but it suggests to me that you need to learn what normalization is when it comes to databases. An Excel brain is a liability here, not a help. As an example, Suppliers would not "link" to Customers.
    Beginning with normalization, here's a few links worth looking in to before you start anything.

    Normalization Parts I, II, III, IV, and V

    Entity-Relationship Diagramming: Part I, II, III and IV

    How do I Create an Application in Microsoft Access?

    Important for success:
    Naming conventions

    What not to use in names

    About Auto Numbers

    The evils of lookup fields -
    Table and PK design tips -
    About calculated table fields -
    About Multi Value Fields -
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
    "Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film." Steven Wright

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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