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    Duplicate records in lookup table

    I have a database containing invoice data imported from suppliers, which is updated each month.

    I populate additional fields in the invoice table using an update query and a relationship to a lookup table. For example, products are categorised by product type. (The relationship is a match of supplier name and product description).

    After the update I check the additional fields for blanks and if any exist, add a new record to the lookup table for that combination of supplier name and product description together with a product type. I then rerun the update query and the blank fields are then populated with values from the lookup table.

    However I have noticed that of the 6,000 records in the lookup table there are 300 instances of duplicate records. When I inspect these duplicates they appear to be identical i.e. field lengths are the same and there are no leading or trailing spaces.

    What might be happening here and what could I do to avoid it happening again?


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    Please provide a few examples of what you consider duplicates.

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    It sounds like you have the following fields in your lookup table:
    - supplier name
    - product description
    - product type

    So how about in table design mode shift-highlight all three fields and right-click as Primary Key to give you a multiple-fields primary key. This would not allow duplicates and would give you an alert whenever you tried to do something to add a duplicate record.

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    Not necessary to be set as primary key, could just set as compound index.
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