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    Fleet manager access project

    First,thanks for any assistance you can provide because I am unsure if MS Access iswhat I should be using and donít want to try and create something and have itnot satisfy my needs. Right now we are only reacting, I want to see if I canmake MS Access proactive when it comes to everything I do.
    I am a fleetmanager with about 100 vehicles. I have created an excel workbook with severalworksheets for tracking basic vehicle data, modifications to vehicles, monthlymileage, completed maintenance, accidents, etc.
    From what I havelearned from youtube about Access, you need to plan everything on paper firstand that is what I did. I have not found any type of template that haseverything I need so the plan is to make template that I can send to otheroffices for them to populate with their vehicle data, is this possible?
    Here aresome other basic questions to start:

    1. Can all of us be on the project atthe same time using MS Access with any issues?
    2. We have documents, like receipts andother items that need to be attached to this project but we also have creditcard software that the receipts need to be attached too, can they be copy and pastedinto and out of MS Access?

    3. Can we build some sort of maintenanceprompting database with emails so that when we enter monthly mileage itidentifies what should be happening the next month and sends email as areminder?

    This is justthe beginning questions for my project. If anyone has any suggestions to helpmake sure I cover all bases please let me know. I am trying to get into a MSAccess class locally so at least I have someone local who can provide someassistance.
    Thanks againfor your help.

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    1. If by 'project' you mean a record, only one user at a time can interact with a single record, however, multiple users can interact with db at same time. DB should be a 'split' design. That means tables in backend and user interface frontend links to backend and each user runs their own copy of frontend.

    2. Devices like scanners can read data into Access. If you mean can hard copies (paper) receipts be stored into Access - yes but advise not to save image files in Access table because this uses up Access 2GB file size limit - just store receipt number in record.

    3. Yes.

    I think fleet management (planes, trucks, boats) has been topic of many threads. Search and I expect you will find discussions with ideas to build from.
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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    To Expand a little on what June7 said it's better to store the receipt number or a path to the image file in Access as there is a size limit. You can also set the data up in SQL Server. I believe there is a free version with a 10 GB Limit but I'm not 100% on that. There used to be but My company upgraded to the Basic edition and I've never needed to check since. That was 5 years ago. You can create the tables and everything in Access and then upload to SQL Server you might have to make minor changes after that. Just depends on your needs.

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