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    To retrieve data from 2 Tables with one field name as same & others with different?


    The below code shows data in 4 columns but I would like to have it in 7 columns as shown in the attached image.

    "Select CustomerName,InvoiceDate,InvoiceNumber,SUM(InvoiceAmount) from SalesTable WHERE [CustomerName] Like '%" & txtSearchCustomer.Text & "%' GROUP BY CustomerName,InvoiceDate,InvoiceNumber ORDER BY InvoiceNumber ASC
            UNION Select CustomerName,ReceiptDate,ReceiptNumber,ReceivedAmount from ReceiptsTable WHERE [CustomerName] Like '%" & txtSearchCustomer.Text & "%'"

    Thanks in advance for any kind support.
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    in the query designer, join the 2 tables on the CustomerID,
    then drag down the fields needed from both tables.

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    I am using this query in application. And the result should be like in this image (In earlier image the last table which shows the "Result" is not correct).
    I am not much familiar with queries. Just got this help from one of the forums in 2017.
    Note: I don't have customerID in both Tables.
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    How about showing readers your table designs and any relationships you have?
    A screen shot of your relationships window(jpg/png) or a copy of the database(personal info removed) would be helpful.

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    If the names of the tables and fields are those in the image, try this query:
    SELECT qryUnion.CustomerName, qryUnion.InoiceDate, qryUnion.InoiceNumber, qryUnion.InoiceAmount, qryUnion.ReceiptDate, qryUnion.ReceiptNumber, qryUnion.ReceivedAmount
    FROM (SELECT SalesTable.CustomerName, SalesTable.InoiceDate, SalesTable.InoiceNumber, SalesTable.InoiceAmount, "-" AS ReceiptDate,"-" AS ReceiptNumber,"-" AS ReceivedAmount, SalesTable.InoiceDate AS DateMove, 1 AS Priority
    FROM SalesTable
    WHERE SalesTable.CustomerName="New Fashion Dresses"
    UNION SELECT ReceiptsTable.CustomerName, "-" AS InoiceDate, "-" AS InoiceNumber, "-" AS InoiceAmount, ReceiptsTable.ReceiptDate, ReceiptsTable.ReceiptNumber, ReceiptsTable.ReceivedAmount, ReceiptsTable.ReceiptDate AS DateMove, 0 AS Priority
    FROM ReceiptsTable
    WHERE ReceiptsTable.CustomerName="New Fashion Dresses") As qryUnion
    ORDER BY qryUnion.DateMove, qryUnion.Priority;
    otherwise correct the name of the tables and fields.

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