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    Suggestions on using Access to manage a golf league

    I am a new Access user. I'm working hard to teach myself basic techniques. I want to use Access to manage a golf league. Some of the tasks that I need to do is to keep track of who plays in which tournaments and keep track of their scores. Since I have a pretty constant list of members, I'd like to have a check box page where I can just check next to who will play this week and then print custom scorecards. There is a lot more that I'm working on, but was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction to get started or at worst what not to do. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Look around for some data models.
    Heres one to start ...

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    Lots of golf-type schemas here, if you know how to interpret them. The biggest and most important thing you need to understand is normalization. If you don't yet, study it before jumping in to an actual db. Then there's all the supporting stuff about naming things, understanding auto numbers, impact of using multi-value fields (most experience developers don't), etc.; stuff that I have no idea if you know all about or not. If you understand Excel real well, it's more of a handicap than an asset when it comes to designing a database.

    So if the schemas at the link are like a foreign language to you, I'd guess you don't understand normalization.

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    You may get some ideas from the links in the Similar Threads section at the bottom of the page.
    Good luck with your project.

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