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    How to Show the Correct JPG in a Report


    I have a database that tracks an art collection. Each record can have any number of photographs attached to it. I have a report that is supposed to show a large copy of the first photograph and small copies of the next four. But it is actually showing the photographs in what appears to be a random order.

    The control source reads as follows:

    =DFirst("fpath","FilePath_Table") & "" & [lstImage].[itemdata](0)

    (And for the next four images the last numeral is 1, 2, 3, and 4.)
    I don't see anything in the Visual Basic that seems to regulate this. There is a table called "Files" that has a field called FileID with unique numbers and FName that has the name of the image. (For example, FileID 77128 corresponds to FName 00004.01.jpg, FileID 77129 corresponds to FName 00004.02.jpg, etc.)

    Can anyone help me adjust this so that it selects the images in proper order? The records show on the main form in numerical order according to the image file names.



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    just order the rowsource for the listbox ascending by the image file name.

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