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    Correcting the order of the images for the splash screen start up

    To keep the question simple, i have a macro built to create a kiosk feel with a splash screen that disappears after 3 secs and opens the main menu (all with a gray background). When i click the marco to run it, it works perfectly but when i open the program, it doesn't show the splash screen but instead the gray background for 3 sec and then opens the main menu. What am I doing wrong?

    Open Form: Main Menu Background
    Open Form: Splash Screen

    Splash Screen Property:
    On timer: embedded macro:
    Close form: Splash Screen
    Open Form: Main Menu

    Access Options:
    Current Database:
    Display Form: Splash Screen

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    If you have code opening Splash Screen, why have it set as default in Options?
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    Do you have the requisite image in the db folder so that the application splash is suppressed? If not, the Access application splash may be interfering with your sequence - or are you not seeing that at all?
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    what value have you set the splash screen timer interval to? It should be 3000 (1000=1 second)

    might also be better if your timer macro, opens main menu, then closes splash

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