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    Import XLSX Into Existing Table

    What are the vba steps to import a spreadsheet into an existing access table?

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    have you tried google with something like: "import spreadsheet to access"
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    save the xl book as a generic name say: c:\temp\file2import.xlsx
    attach (link) the external sheet as an external table
    make an append query to add the xl data.

    1. overwrite the file with new data: c:\temp\file2import.xlsx
    2. run query

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    Here is one example I use, excel file is called Comments. The first part checks to see if the excel file is there. Last part removes all records from table Sheet1, then loads new records from excel file using the RunSavedImportExport function. To get the import spec name, manually import the excel file first time and save the import specs which you then call in that command below.

    Dim dbs As Database
    Set dbs = CurrentDb

    ' Check for file
    If Dir("x:\Comments\DataFile\Comments.Xlsx") = "" Then
    MsgBox "The Comments File does not exist, please download a current Comments File, rename to Comments.xlsx and place into directory X:\Comments\DataFile."
    End If

    'Import Comments from Excel file
    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryDelete_Sheet1"
    DoCmd.RunSavedImportExport "ImportCommentsNew"
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True

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