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    How do I open a form using a macro to set the opened form to a specific value?

    I know how to set the default value of an opened form based on a specific value, but I dont wnat to use that method because there will be times when i open that form for another reason so i wouldnt want that vaule as the default.

    The case is specifically, in my customer form i have a button called "create deal" That opens a form called DealsF and i want it to open the form with the customer number already set to the customer I was looking at in Customer form. I also want it set so that when I enter the deals form its already in data entry mode. Is this possible?Customer

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    Yes, it is.

    Use DataMode argument with acFormAdd parameter of OpenForm to specify data entry mode.

    More than one way to set customer number. Code in DealsF Load event could be:

    If Me.NewRecord Then Me.CustomerNumber = Forms!Customer!CustomerNumber

    Be aware this initiates record edit and if form is closed without entering other data, a 'blank' record will be committed.
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    That's pretty nice. Once I tweaked the code to the actual fields it worked great. Now I just have to get the Items subform to jive with the Deal. Thanks so far.

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