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    how can a student edit his profile and save it in a University management system

    Please how can i make a student view and edit his profile only and save in my University database. Please help me guys

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    Are they not logging into your system already? If not then add that and then base your forms on that person's ID only. Probably need more info on this, how do students access this management system right now and what security is built in already?

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    Foremost, you need user identification, be that logging in with a password form or just getting the user's Windows login name. If anyone can use the pc without logging in, then you need the db password type of identification. If not, you can research fOsUserName and see if that would be useful. Regardless, your db needs a user table. The easiest way to know who has logged in throughout a session is to open a hidden form that contains a field that contains their user id.

    When they open the form to edit a record, you present a single record that is based on the fact that the record belongs to the user id value on the hidden form. If they are going to log out of the db and the db will remain open, you must close the hidden form and return things to the login screen. If they must close the db, you don't have to worry about closing the hidden form.

    That's the basics of one approach.
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