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    vba for changing AllowEdits on all Forms

    I want to have other people view my database without them being able to make edits to the data in any of my many forms. I was thinking of using a particular key stroke to AllowEdits for all forms. Is there a generic code to change all forms without having to name each form in the code to allow/disallow edits? Thanks

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    Is there a generic code to change all forms without having to name each form in the code to allow/disallow edits?
    No. assuming you have a login process you can set a global 'EditingAllowed' boolean variable to true or false depending on the user 'rights'. Then in each form open event you can call a function to set the allowedits property in the form. You do not need to have code in each form, just call the function from the property. e.g.

    put this in a standard module

    Function fnAllowEdits(frm as Form)


    End Function
    then for each form open event property, instead of [Event Procedure] put


    Goes without saying that you have split the db and each user will have their own copy of the front end on their local machine so their global variable will only relate to them

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    Try this:
    Public Function NoEdits()
    Dim ctr As Container, doc As Document
    Dim db As Database, strForm As String
    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set ctr = db.Containers("Forms")
    For Each doc In db.Containers("Forms").Documents
        strForm = doc.Name
       DoCmd.OpenForm strForm, acDesign, , , , acHidden
       Forms(strForm).Properties("AllowEdits") = False
       DoCmd.Close acForm, strForm, acSaveYes
    End Function

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