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    Query Builder want to filter by Check Box

    I have a check box working the way I want.
    On a true/false field ([Approved]) the criteria
    Like IIf(IsNull([forms]![Frm_EquipmentListForEdits]![ChkApproved]),"*",IIf([forms]![Frm_EquipmentListForEdits]![ChkApproved]=True,True,False))
    works the way I want.

    However - essentially the same criteria applied to a text field is acting screwy
    Like IIf(IsNull([forms]![Frm_EquipmentListForEdits]![ChkOrdered]),"*",IIf([forms]![Frm_EquipmentListForEdits]![ChkOrdered]=True,Not Is Null,Is Null))
    I would like the check box to show all records when form loads, records that are not empty if ChkOrdered is selected (True Case), and empty records if ChkOrdered is False.

    Not is Null and Is Null has been automatically adding the [table].[field] into the statement : Not ([Table].[field]) Is Null & ([Table].[field]) Is Null

    Also I know spaces in strings can look null but aren't - just starting with Null

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    I've never seen LIKE used with Is Null. Don't think it will work. If you expect Null in field then handle to convert to empty string. Consider:

    Fieldname & "" LIKE IIf(IsNull([forms]![Frm_EquipmentListForEdits]![ChkOrdered]), "*", IIf([forms]![Frm_EquipmentListForEdits]![ChkOrdered]=True, "?*", ""))
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    Thanks - I have changed it to radio button control group. Learned something new.

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