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    Question urgently in need

    guys i have a small database contain a table
    and i have 5 fields then i have created a form i need in that form
    sum between x1 and x2 by using a vba code which i can make event in opening form to summarize the both fields and write the result in xx field
    also i need if i make in b ( checkbox) Yes auto update A (checkbox) to No

    you will find that simple data in attachment
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    Base your forms recordsource on a query ( in property sheet, click the elipsis to start the query builder)
    Add an entry X1 + X2. the sql will look like this
    SELECT, A.x1, A.x2,, A.xx, A.a, A.b, [x1]+[x2] AS Expr1
    FROM A;
    for the a\b check boxes you could either use an option group or in the after update events of the checkboxes use
    Private Sub a_AfterUpdate()
        If Me.a = 0 Then
            Me.b = -1
            Me.b = 0
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub b_AfterUpdate()
        If Me.b = 0 Then
            Me.a = -1
            Me.a = 0
        End If
    End Sub

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    thank you bro MR moke123
    first about check box it`s working good
    but about the first question i can do it via

    query but i need it by using a vba code

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