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    Problem with Report wil preparing quotation

    Hi, I made a report for printing quotations in access. but unfortunately if my terms and conditions have lengthier lines then the reference footer will be coming as new page even if the previous is only half page. i have attach the copies. please guide me to fix this issue. i wanted the total and terms and conditions to continue on the same page from the below.
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    No reply yet so I'll jump in. IMHO there are too many section properties involved to know exactly why this is without guessing and they often have to work in harmony. Did you examine such things as "keep with next", "group together on one page" (or not), etc.? You turn on Sorting and Grouping by right clicking on report and choosing it from the menu. You may have to upload a zipped copy of your db at some point if you don't find or receive an answer to what you need. You can always mask sensitive data.
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